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STIX Series

Designed for both vocal and music reproduction in fixed installations and portable applications, STIX loudspeakers produce a very HIFI sound quality with the fundamentals of a true professional loudspeaker. The STIX series deliver a tight vertical bandwidth and wide horizontal dispersion.

The STIX have a passive column speaker technology, based on years of extensive research conducted by MODE AUDIO, the STIX Series line array columns with Constant Beamwidth Technology breaks new ground in performance, versatility, and affordability. Designed for various types of venues that would typically use larger point-and-shoot speakers, the STIX models incorporate technical advancements that allow them to vastly outperform competitive systems, with a level of user-friendliness that virtually eliminates the challenges of delivering great sound.

Each STIX-83 column array system houses 8 x 3” Nd full-range drivers that deliver an impressive high-end quality sound with high-SPL to its size ratio. The enclosure is made of high-grade corrosion free aluminum for indoors and outdoors installations. Up to 8 STIX-83 can be stacked vertically together delivering a clear and smooth sound quality.

The STIX-112SBA is the perfect low-frequency extension for the STIX-83 system The STIX-112SBA houses a long-excursion 12” woofer driven by the own dual channel power / DSP module that also powers 2 x STIX-83 column array speakers with a perfect sound balance. There's also more MODE AUDIO subwoofers options that can be matched together according to our client's needs.

STIX-PRO models coming soon!

  • Modular column loudspeaker for fixed and portable PA applications and high quality live and music playback
  • Wide sound dispersion provides consistent sound to the audience and performers
  • Dual class D technology 700 Watt power / DSP module mounted on the STIX-112SBA
  • 12" high excursion low-frequency driver for low distortion sub-bass response
  • 8 x 3” neodymium drivers for clean midrange and high-frequency reproduction
  • Road worthy aluminum and plywood enclosure with hard DURA-COAT matt black paint finish
  • Rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille
  • Integral ergonomic carrying handles for ease of portability
  • Designed and engineered in the USA

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