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PIL Series

PiL-15 (Point in Line)

The PIL-15 (POINT IN LINE) is a 3-way hybrid point source / curve-arrayable loudspeaker that benefits from its LSM® high-frequency horn that provides a constant curvature line source solution. Intended for the medium to large rental productions, it delivers remarkable power, bandwidth, and coherence, along with a flexible and predictable coverage. Besides, it offers the audience an incomparable listening experience featuring clarity, precision, and impact.
The main system components are as follows:

  • PIL-15, full-range element, operating from 55 Hz to 19 kHz.
  • PIL-218SB, low-frequency element, operating down to 30 Hz.
  • V-12044 amplified controllers or MODE-RACK, touring rack fitted with three V-12044.

The PIL-15 enclosure has been designed and engineers through years of R&D work implementing high-grade components using neodymium transducers for better sound quality and minimizing the weight of the loudspeaker. It has also been designed to look good and durable. The PIL-15 comes in both self-power and passive 3-way mode with our own factory DSP presets to accommodate any applications efficiently.

The PIL-15 line source can be deployed either horizontally or vertically, with a coverage angle that is proportional to the number of enclosures in the array (N x 30º). On the other plane, vertical or horizontal respectively, the PIL-15 line source provides an asymmetrical coverage angle of 65° (20°/45°). The orientation of the PIL-15 enclosures within the array determines the asymmetric distribution, allowing the use of a horizontal PIL-15 line source either for upward or downward coverage.

The PIL-15 can be quickly deployed as a tightly packed front of house system for medium throw applications with high SPL, LF impact, and excellent stereo imaging. Thanks to its precise and flexible coverage capability, other applications include distributed system, center cluster for theatrical work, side-fills monitoring, flown or stacked center fill, stereo front fill, offstage fill or delay system for concert audiences in stadiums and arenas.


The PIL-218SB is powerful dual 18” neodymium woofer front loaded trapezoid subwoofer. Each 18” transducer is mounted on its own independent LF chamber. It’s designed to produce clean punchy low-end frequency due to its very unique LF port tuning engineering. It’s 18” neodymium transducers are custom designed and manufacture in Italy. The PIL-218SB  has been designed to work along the PIL-15 point source/curve array system to extend the low frequency. The PIL-218SB can also a flow in a vertical curve array if desired.(optional)

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