The MODE AUDIO / FILA series is a vertical line array loudspeaker system designed, engineered and manufactured to perform with the highest sound quality possible. The system produces a high output level together with its compact size dimensions. The FILA series systems can be used to cover small venues up to giant music festivals. It houses a various high power custom neodymium woofers and drivers combined with our own proprietary LSM-horn™ HF chamber phase plug line source wave guide that delivers a high SPL broadband frequencies thru out its coverages areas.

The FILA series makes it possible for every professional user to create in no time a perfect radiating and performing line array set up. As the main loudspeaker system for live touring and theaters as well for detail speech /music for churches and arenas. It’s also a great loudspeaker system for delay towers and front-fills to compliment the bigger main system for very large indoor and outdoor venues.

There are various FILA series models to suit just about every sound applications for a line array system.

  • FILA-6.2 compact dual 6.5” line array system with LSM® HF horn technology.
  • FILA-10.1 compact mid-size single 10” line array system with LSM® HF horn technology.
  • FILA-12.2 powerful dual 12” line array system with LSM® HF horn technology.
  • FILA-215SB powerful dual 15” compact bandpass subwoofer fitted for the FILA-10.1 system LF extension.
  • FILA-218SBC powerful dual 18” + 15” Cardioid subwoofer fitted for the FILA-12.2 system LF extension.

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FILA Series

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