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FICA 3.6


The MODE AUDIO / FICA-3.6 is a high sound quality hybrid indoor / outdoor unique loudspeaker in its own class. It’s designed to be used for multiple functions for fixed and mobile applications. The housing of the FICA-3.6 is made of industrial grade ABS making it resistant to all types of weather and environments. We also focused on the sound quality to be superb from all other outdoor plastic loudspeakers, we designed and engineered it with unique high performance components to truly deliver a clear sonic, full bandwidth sound reproduction.

The FICA-3.6 is a compact 2 way full range hybrid loudspeaker using 2 x 3” high efficiency neodymium HI/MID woofers and a powerful single 6.5” neodymium woofer that reproduces rich mid and low frequencies at a sustainable high SPL. The sound coverage is 140o horizontal and 30o vertically.What also makes the FICA-3.6 unique is that it can be used as a stand alone loudspeaker for various types of installations like schools, public buildings, sports facilities, shopping centers, PA announcements and many other portable usages but it can use as column type line array setup for more sound coverage as main compact sound system. It comes in both options with single mounting bracket or with line array type rigging with various degrees points to fly the system vertically. Can hang up to 12 FICA-3.6 units vertically with it’s rigging fly-bar.The low frequency can be extended with our CB-112SB subwoofer and other MODE AUDIO subwoofer models using our DXP factory settings. 

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