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CXM Series

MODE AUDIO’s New CXM Series is a line of compact stage monitors designed for live, installations, performing musicians and DJ monitors. It's part of our new line of stage monitors using coaxial Neodymium magnets components.

The CXM series are one of the most compact ultimate stage monitor: impressively powerful, yet melting into the stage with an ultra-sleek profile. Its active design and low-latency preset guarantee the best experience on stage. Its 60° conical beam-width focuses on the artist only, offering an excellent acoustic isolation from other performers. Able to take on even the most energetic of artists, the CXM series is built to take abuse yet remain strong and flexible – its built-in multi-angle risers allow it to be angled at various degrees onstage. The CXM series is easy to rig or mount in any situation and will ensure minimum space and weight in trucks. Optional rigging accessories offer infinite install possibilities.
The CXM series comes in both passive and self-power version to serve all various fixed and touring applications. Both models offer the same high impact sound qualities for every artist to enjoy. The enclosures are tuned for great low-end frequency respond without interrupting the great high mid frequencies allowing a smooth full range responds and clarity. Due to its low-profile enclosure design, it reduces the interference with the audience’s line of sight.
CXM series features:

  • 12” and 15” Coax models available,
  • High power passive models that can drive 8 cabinets with our MODE AUDIO / V-12044 Class D amplifier / DSP and Networking unit.
  • Self Power Class-D 1000watts models also offers the same high-quality sound reproduction in a one box solution with on board DSP and switchable settings for various eq options.
  • Custom high-end neodymium coax drivers.

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