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The MODE AUDIO / CLM-310 is a completely different high quality full range loudspeaker. It’s a hybrid design that features 8 x 3” high power neodymium full range woofers in a column array configuration combined with 2 x 10” LF neodymium woofers. This creates a very unique sound experience compare to the conventional two way horn/woofer type loudspeakers. Due to it’s unique design, the CLM-310 can be use as FOH and stage monitors. Can stack up to four CLM-310 cabinets vertically like a true line source system with it’s optional rigging system or ground stacked for FOH. It can also be use as a high definition high power stage monitors from one and up to twelve cabinets on stage as a line source monitor system. It has a very wide horizontal coverage of 130o and narrow vertical coverage of 15o in upright position. This unique loudspeaker is a great solution for many small to mid-size rental companies because they only need one model of loudspeaker to handle FOH and stage monitors with simple and easy setup time in minutes! It’s also a great loudspeaker system for permanent installations for small to mid-size theaters, Jazz clubs, live music bars, small amphitheaters, school auditoriums and government buildings. It can also be use for room delays and balcony coverage loudspeakers. The CLM-310 delivers a clear sonic reproduction with high SPL without pushing it hard due to it’s high quality components and unique design making it a very pleasant listening experience.

The CLM-310 low frequency can be extended with various optional MODE AUDIO subwoofer models depending on your user preferences. 

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