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The Mode Audio Z Series, is the result of an in depth study, in order to reach the best compromise between economy and performances, taking advantage of latest improvements in automated mixed surface mount and through hole electronic assembly.

Z Series are a project based on an up-side-down mono-block approach offering an all-in-one power module that contains the entire amplifier assembly. Simplicity and effectiveness run hand by hand through the entire design to obtain an effectively skilled and workable product.

The last generation QuantaPulseTM switching power supply allows to reach a new level of refined sensing and control of the power flow.

The cost-effective Z Series amplifiers are packed with solid and convincing arguments for the professionals researching quality, reliability and value!. 

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The S Series of Mode Audio amplifiers distils all these features to fulfill all your needs, whether you’re starting a P.A. amplifier project from scratch, or you need to upgrade your present sound reinforcement equipment. In the S Series amps, you’ll find five two 4-channel models, all offering plentiful power levels at low distortion in the range of 1.5 to 6 kilowatts, yet weighing in around 8 kilos and 30 cm deep. 

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MODE AUDIO introduces this new generation of professional touring amplifiers based on the field proven QuantaPulseTM Technology: V Series.

These new devices feature two or four channel models, ready for rough handling in the touring world. For this purpose, V Series amps implement oversized high efficiency regulated power supply with PFC front end to deliver their full performances independently of mains status.

This together with oversized high efficiency audio power stage, forced front to back cooling through a component-free path with removable front panel dust filters, improved rugged mechanical design with even weight distribution, full digital control from LCD display on the front panel... Resulting in: just power, reliability and robustness for your touring gigs! 

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MODE AUDIO DXP SERIES is a cost-effective digital speaker management system. Designed to be catered for any crossoverconfiguration, it provides the suitable processing and control necessary for both live and fixed installation use.managed by a powerful DSP Engine, in addition to high performance 24 bit AD/DA Converters.

Each input channel provides a choice of EQ with 30-band Parametric EQ, Gain control, Noise Gate Function, RMS Compressor and configurable Delay. Each output offers up to 7-band of parametric equalization, in addition to the crossover filters which themselves provide slopes from 6dB/Octave up to 48dB/Octave. Each output path also features Peak Limiter, HP/LP Filters and driver alignment Delay.

The DXP supports a full matrix mixing mode where inputs may be routed/mixed in any ratio to any output. For

remote configuration and control the DXP can be connected via USB or RS485 connections. The control remote PC software allows simultaneous control up to 32 units, setting all parameters and showing real time levels. ​

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