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As original co-founder and Technical Director of VUE AUDIO which it stood for (Very Unique Engineering), Ruben built this company from the ground up designing, engineering and manufacturing all the products in mind to offer one of the highest professional sound products in the industry with a more affordable price point. He took the VUE AUDIO brand to be recognized by various industry figures that took over the brand name and took the brand to a global status now. Many of the previous loudspeaker components designs and technologies that Ruben developed for VUE AUDIO are still being use in their loudspeakers to this day. After his departure from VUE AUDIO, Ruben wanted to develop a more unique high quality sound company with a better price point for the end users then what he has done before with no limitations and thats how MODE AUDIO was born.

Ruben was also responsible for successfully building the PRO AUDIO division at SPEAKER ELECTRONIC / SPEAKER FACTORY from the ground up to manufacture high end professional products that put the company on the map for other brand names to manufacture there.

MODE AUDIO was founded by Ruben Rodriguez in 2012 and built a Class A acoustical sound engineering team. Ruben has a long history of more than 20 years of professional experience and knowledge working with some of the most demanding international sound companies, artists and world-class entertainment companies. He has collaborated and consulted for many top professional sound manufactures in the USA and Germany. His designs are being use every day by the most demanding sound engineers in the industry. Ruben wanted to develop more unique high quality sound systems than what he has done before with no limitations and that's how MODE AUDIO was born.

MODE AUDIO is striving to make its mark in the global sound industry designing, engineering and manufacturing more unique professional loudspeakers and electronics for the demanding sound engineers that not only need good sound but also solutions. We listen to our customers to give them what they truly need.

MODE AUDIO has there HQ facility in Los Angeles, California that serves all the Americas and in Shanghai, China that serves all of Asia with plans to open in the UK and Europe soon.

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MODE AUDIO is a leading designer, engineering and manufacturer of high quality pro-audio loudspeaker systems with more than 15 years of professional acoustical engineering world wide.

MODE AUDIO products are a number of unique designs and driver technology designs which provide outstanding dynamic results as well as improved precision and reliability over conventional components.

To ensure the highest quality and control over our products we have our own manufacturing facility in USA, EUROPE and ASIA which produces all of the driver and cabinet components. Further benefits to this approach include substantial reductions in cost and quicker times to market for new products.

We have a wide product range offering high quality solutions to satisfy the most discerning and complex professional sound reinforcement applications, ranging from portable to installation to touring.

We believe that the best way to get to know us better is by listening to our loudspeakers because:


Our unique set of attitudes, values, goals and practices provides a culture that sets us aside, and more importantly, ahead of the competition. These include:

  • Sound and music is our true passion! - this is the value at the heart of what we do.
  • We strive for innovation and invest heavily in research & development rather than just marketing. We are leaders and we are not afraid to be the first to utilize new technologies.
  • Our commercial aim is to give audio professionals excellent products, designed without compromise at competitive prices. The exceptional price point of our products ensures a quicker Return on Investment (ROI).
  • We publish real technical data. While others often use expanded marketing driven explanation resulting in unrealistic parameters which look good on paper, we deliver actual performance data in a conservative way.
  • We produce our own (drivers, hardware, enclosures, crossovers & other electronics) in-house and also collaborate with some of the most professional and respectable audio component and electronics manufactures in the USA and Europe. This approach ensures we maintain extensive control of all aspects of quality control. We are ISO9001-2000 certificated and are able to meet all our technical and commercial goals and bring products to market quickly. Very few companies are able to do all this in-house.


With our culture, it comes as no surprise that we have a long list of technical goals:

  • Uncompromising sound quality is fundamental.
  • Always use highest quality loudspeaker components providing ultra low distortion, reliability and optimized transient response. We avoid making compromises just to achieve commercial acceptance.
  • No compromise in the concept, it must be physically and technically correct.
  • Coherent wave front (Cylindrical or Spherical).
  • Low crossover point from highs to lows for better coupling and unproblematic placement of the system. Use high excursion drivers for the low/mid range even in small systems to allow low crossover of the top cabinets and ensure less distortion at high levels.
  • System compatibility - every product is part of a system solution, optimized for best performance.